TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Eric Ripert, Gisele Bundchen show how to cook efficiently

Chef Eric Ripert and model Gisele Bundchen, a U.N. goodwill ambassador, show some ways to cook more efficiently with our foods and lessen our “foodprint.” They demonstrate with a delicious chicken with sofrito recipe and a tasty chicken salad.

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>> in today's kitchen, you might want to think twice before you get rid of some of your food, two celebrities have joined together to talk about food waste .

>> super model gisele bundchen is with think, save,.org. eric repair is a chef an owner here in new york and the co-chair of city harvest . guys, good morning, nice to see you both. we talk about carbon foot print . he wants us to think about our food print as well.

>> a lot of things i actually didn't know, i found out about the eat safe campaigns, you know that 40% of the food is thrown away because it doesn't look a certain way. it's crazy, like just because the apple is not the right size it's not accepted. so it's amazing the food that gets thrown away because it doesn't look a certain way. none of us here look the same. you know, we are a part of nature. nobody is wonderful. food should look, in my garden, all my carrots look like, they are all really crooked, but they taste delicious, you know.

>> we got to make some efficient choices at home, learn to use things to their fullest. that's what we are here to do today.

>> we will make this whole chicken , use every last bit of it. let's start with the roasted chicken .

>> depending where you live, in between, so you can break a chicken , very quickly, like that. and with it we are going to do three meals for four people. so it cost about 30 cents. it's quick to cut the chicken . the best part of the chicken will go, for example in a rice and chicken .

>> what are you serving it with there, basil?

>> chicken and cilantro. then the rest of the meat, giselle will show us.

>> we have apples, onions, a little of mai-maii -- mayonaise.

>> you are not just a spokesperson, are you a good cook.

>> i like to think so.

>> i hear you are.

>> i really love food. here it is, it's ready.

>> then you put a pocket.

>> have you some lettuce, tomatoes, an avocado in it. whatever you like.

>> there are still parts of the chicken left. you will even use the bones.

>> perfect.

>> so when have you the bones of the chicken , you can use the bones, put them in a pot, some water. then you are going to boil the bones and the water for an hour.

>> you will get a lot of flavor.

>> ten you can add carrots, cellry, after straining the broth, you can make with newsles, a nice chicken soup for four people. so we did rice and chicken , pita sandwiches with chicken . now we have a noodle soup .

>> no waste at all.

>> no waste whatsoever.

>> the great thing about it as well, there is so much going on when are you a mom, you have to rush through things. can you freeze the soup. you can eat it like later, you know what i mean ? so it tastes actually better. i like food after it's been frozen. it almost feels like it's more flavor.

>> like the soup.

>> it is. giselle, thank you