TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Meredith Vieira brings gifts for new Studio 1A

Former TODAY anchor Meredith Vieira is back (for a visit), bearing gifts as well as her loyal dog, Jasper, who had a lot to say about the redesign.

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>> a familiar face is here checking out slash stalking our studio.

>> hey!

>> i love it.

>> do i get a hug?

>> oh!.

>> oh! .

>> there you go.

>> he left a special present for you, matt.

>> oh.

>> are you sure it wasn't you?

>> oh, oh my god.

>> enjoy your cheerios.

>> no, i actually have something else, you remember jasper, nate? where can you hang this?

>> congratulation, by the way.

>> no.

>> does it make a sound?

>> no, it doesn't bark. it's not like jasper at all then.

>> and this pillow.

>> i love this.

>> oh,.

>> that's sweet.

>> why does it say except not matt?

>> i remember the last time we redid the studio.

>> it was right when i was started, exactly.

>> do you like the new digs?

>> i think it's fantastic. i think it's beautiful. i love the orange.

>> are you liking it in.

>> i'm going to steal that pillow and put it in the orange room .

>> anything else?