TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Gisele reveals her first-ever cassette tape

The cassette is 50 years old, and the TODAY anchors reminisce about their first tapes. Gisele Bundchen admits that she learned to speak English with a little help from one particular group.

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>> you can believe it. they are 50. they still make them. we thought it would be fun to ask you all, i'm from the cd era. let's start with you.

>> i had my older sister's cassettes.

>> matt, what was your cassette tapes ? start with the old guy.

>> a cassette.

>> oh.

>> my first cassette type might have been elton john 's "good-bye yellow brick road ."

>> that is a good one.

>> savannah.

>> mean is a little embarrassing.

>> journey, "escape." my older brother made fun of me. he was 18. i was 11.

>> you should mention the cassette became so popular they had the sony walkman .

>> that is 34-years-old.

>> after i bought this tape, my brother made me listen to led zeppelin and the doors.

>> that's why you are the cool lady.

>> a little more embarrassing, air supply .

>> that's a good one.

>> don't do. that's more embarrassing.

>> hey, i will own it.

>> i go back to the phoneograph. stevie wonder for for once in might have life."

>> that's a cool one.

>> mine is frankie goes to hollywood in 1984 . my sister would put yogurt and lemon in my hair. she said, you need to lighten it up. we would listen to "over and over" in palm springs .

>> you'd take them out of your device and the tape would come off.

>> you use a pencil.

>> spin it around.

>> even how many mixed tapes did you make to make these?

>> let's get one more opinion on this.

>> come over here.

>> jazz el, come in.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you can tweet us using the hashtag tbt if you want to get in on this. giselle.

>> i'm very bad at names. i used to love boyz to men. it was very romantic. i'm sorry, it was so nice.

>> you had a cassette tape , giselle?

>> yes, i did. i left my parents as a teen, 14-years-old, please.

>> hold it.

>> absolutely a. lot of guys running out, buying this tape.

>> i lins to boyz to men, mariah carey .

>> her first english word were "i'll make love to you"?