TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Wheel of Mis-Fortune: Contestant loses $1 million

A player was seconds away from the chance to win the million-dollar grand prize when he stumbled over the words to the puzzle. His minor mispronunciation cost him the game.

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>> the popular game show " wheel of fortune ," as the contestant was trying to solve a puzzle. was he cheated? take a look inside.

>> you have $2,350. spin or solve.

>> i'm going to solve.

>> all right.

>> corner curl cabinet.

>> huh?

>> louis, your turn.

>> i'll solve.

>> corner curio cabinet .

>> yeah, that's it.

>> it just didn't come out the way you wanted it to.

>> a mispronounced word cost him his victory. so far " wheel of fortune " producers, when he was solving another puzzle, he made sure to slowly and accurately pronounce every single syllable. he pronounced the b right, cab yes. it was the curio.

>> i guess.

>> i wonder what they say about that. also trending this