TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Starbucks to run ads discouraging guns in its cafes

CEO Howard Schultz says that although customers who legally bring a gun into the Starbucks will be served, the company will run ads starting Thursday advising customers to keep their weapons at home. Schultz says that many states legally allow residents to openly carry guns, which has caused confusion with the weapon ban.

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>>> customers guns are no longer welcome in its caves. starbucks o harold schultz says the timing after the shooting is incidental. a key reason is confusion in states where it is legal to openly carry a gun.

>> when people began walking into our store in many places around the country with a gun, and you could imagine that mothers, children and just customers at large were jarred by that, because they did not realize that, in fact, that is a legal right of people in open carry states.

>> and starbucks stops short of an outright ban on guns. ceo schultz says customers who illegally bring a gun to starbucks will be served without any confrontation. former first daughter