TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Teen partiers trash home of ex-NFL player

Former Oakland Raiders player Brian Holloway is searching for the teens who may be responsible for a party that left his upstate New York home trashed. NBC’s Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room on the clues left on Twitter.

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>> swing over, check in with carson, back with a little swing through florida yesterday, back in the oregon room.

>> back in the action. thank you sars, have aen na for the cause. good to have you guys. so imagine this, you are watching your house get trashed in real time . that's exactly what happened to brean holloway an exnfl er's he saw if disgust teens trashes his upstate new york home and they were posted on social media . now he is using those posts to track down those responsible. it was these photos that blinded five time nfl pro bowler ryan holloway .

>> they were standing on top of the table.

>> reporter: he was on the labor day weekend when holloway 's son spotted twitter reports about the million dollar vacation home . one read, busted or not, it was the best party in the 518 of the summer. another tweeted hashtag best party ever . he was stunned to see the estimated 300 kids dancing on his table and clutching cups all over his house, even in his bathroom. the 6' 8" lineman flew from florida to assess the $20,000 in damage. now he is fighting back.

>> if you slap that pitbull, you better be prepared to run.

>> reporter: holloway began collecting photos showing the destruction and those responsible. -se hosting a bar-b-que for volunteers who want to help repair damage to his property. there is one request. this time, no alcohol.

>> well, there you go. if you can imagine that. he is throwing a bar-b-que that has a dual purpose to raise money to fix the house and give back to the military guys out there. a crazy story. can you imagine that? he didn't bust the kids. he didn't turn them in. he used their social media to get back at them and get back to the parents.

>> the specifically ies will come back to bite you.