TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Divers explore Costa Concordia shipwreck

Now that the shipwreck has been uprighted and is stable, divers will be exploring the wreck, hoping to recover the bodies of two victims that were never found.

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>> we are getting a look at that costa concordia , that cruiseship pulled upright off the coast of itly. we have some amazing pictures. michelle, good morning.

>> reporter: hi, savannah, good morning. as we speak, divers are preparing to go back inside that ship. now we know they're going into the engine room and other areas looking for key pieces of evidence in the case. a top priority right now is to look for the remains of the two victims who have never been found. approaching the costa concordia , that side of the ship submerged for so long gives away the crushing force of the rocks below. shredded balconies, missing windows, half submerged state rooms , ships once so grand and that clear line almost on the center for some that night was the difference between life and death where they were on board. it was held down on an enormous under water platform t. port side still gleaming white. you know, as many times as we've seen it, you get up close and it takes your breath away. the size of the ship, the scale of this disaster and now the salvagers. many of them american.

>> it must be absolutely terrifying for the passengers because we had built a series of walkways, ladders, stairs, when you think about all the women and children and elderly trying to get out of it. it must have been hoshlg.

>> reporter: his wife maria is still missing. he was not on the trip nearly two years ago, but his teenage daughter who survived was too emotional to speak about it. they are grateful to those who helped give them a chance now to finally bring maria home. the salvagers who gathered for a final pick and to give one another a hand. basically, this is now one big crime scene. in the custody of prosecutors, only once those doifrs are finished will the salvagers be able to go back, finish working to move the ship out of here.

>> that likely won't happen until next spring. matt, savannah, back to you.

>> michelle, thank you very much