TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

Hugh Jackman makes surprise TODAY visit during the news

When the actor popped into Studio 1A for a quick hello, it left the ladies of TODAY starstruck, and the men feeling like chopped liver. See how Matt Lauer recovered from the interruption.

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>> oh, hey -- hi.

>> stay.

>> no, you're good.

>> but wait.

>> oh, my.

>> he'll come back.

>> hey, hugh.

>> no handshake or hug for the guys.

>> she's getting married soon, don't you hugh.

>> we have a seat for you right here.

>> okay.

>> i just wanted to see what it looks like.

>> we're going to get to this.

>> he's got a thing for your job.

>> just what i need. someone else making my life miserable here. all right. hugh grant -- i mean, hugh grant --

>> what were you thinking.

>> hugh jackman is here.

>> let's get back to what we were doing.