TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

Al and Paula Patton’s dance blows up Twittersphere

On TODAY Wednesday, actress Paula Patton talked about Miley Cyrus’ infamous VMA performance with Patton’s husband, singer Robin Thicke. And when she did a bit of twerking of her own with  Al Roker, Twitter users responded in droves, predicting it’ll be “up on YouTube” and become a viral hit.

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>>> wow, a lot of tweets about you and paula patton by the way.

>> who knew. robin thicke 's wife is twerking on al roker .

>> she danced on al roker .

>> she got danced on. not danced with.

>> paula patton grinding on al roker . this is going to be on youtube.

>> paula patton just got low with al roker .

>> you have explaining to do.

>> she called.

>> she sensed it.

>> she was like what did i miss.

>> she sensed it.

>> the only thing that would be better is if i got kathie lee over here doing that.

>> ladies, any? nothing?

>> they're not moving.

>> al, that was pretty hot. come on.

>> thank you.

>> you're jealous aren't you? you're jealous.

>> it adds so much to the program.