TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

Giancarlo Esposito: ‘Redeeming’ playing bad guys

Fans of “Breaking Bad” know actor Giancarlo Esposito from his drug kingpin role, but now he is taking on a different character in the NBC post-apocalyptic show “Revolution.”

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>>> it's been a while since he was seen in. [ " breaking bad ."

>> mysterious blackout for 15 years, everybody is fighting to survive. captain tom nevil, who was very evil at one point. the show begins its second season next week.

>> here in new york with us and saving the world over at the u.n. we're delighted that you stopped by with us today.

>> so happy to be here again, ladies.

>> you always play bad guys . hello. " breaking bad ." do you enjoy playing those bad guys ?

>> i do. in this case in "revolution" tom nevil may turn good. there is no black and white . we have bad days and good day.

>> we're human.

>> a lot of people may think sesame street . they might think "electric company" we're gonna turn it on we're gonna bring you the power

>> let's walk down memory lane for a minute.

>> oatmeal.

>> oatmeal.

>> how do you like them apples?

>> oh, my goodness.

>> does that bring back -- what emotions flood your soul at a time like this?

>> young, aspiring actor loving what he did, playing with an inanimate bird, elmo and my youngest daughter, ruby.

>> ruby just happens to be standing in the room.

>> hard to find young people on our set. we don't know where anybody is.

>> she has the hat on.

>> who else is here?

>> kids for peace they have a peace pledge, international peace day. they're at the u.n. today as we were last night with "revolution." kindness matters.

>> it certainly does.

>> spedding peace and love throughout the world.

>> thank you.

>> fantastic. if you're not peaceful within, you can't be peaceful without.

>> nothing changes until a human heart changes. we can legislate out the wazoo and everybody tries with the best intentions. until i decide in my own heart to be a better person, nothing is going to change.

>> little reminders. tom nevil can't wear one of these.

>> no. very busy sword fighting and things.

>> sword fighting , shooting people . is he a guy going from the dark to the light.

>> is he really?

>> this show is going to be amazing. i tell you, you're going to be surprised.

>> how does he make that turn? he was so nasty.

>> well, it's about justice and morality and about taking care of everyone. keeping people in line so they do the right thing and then find out what went wrong with our world. and he is interested in that right now.

>> how do you stay so grounded? we hear these days so much about kids who are child performers and lovely, lovely kids. next thing you know, they're really train wrecks. how did you stay grounded?

>> i have to say i have -- i'm a seeker and yoga has saved my life. i've always been a spiritual kind of guy. i look at my work as a meditation, look at it as being sacred. nothing gets in the way of that. i stay on stage and stay in film. i look at that as being a divine gift. that's how i stay with my feet on the ground.

>> we are so happy for you. thank you for bringing your daughter to come see us.

>> and these wonderful kids for peace.

>> god bless them. thanks for all you do.

>> "revolution" wednesday night at 8:00.