TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

Tony Danza calls new film ‘provocative’

Actor Tony Danza stars in the new film “Don Jon,” that centers around a character devoted to friends, family and online pornography, much to the dismay of his girlfriend.

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>>> from boxing to broadway to big hits like "who's the boss," tony danza .

>> now in "don jon," back playing a father figure, but this time he is a foul-mouthed dad from new jersey. but he is still buff. take a look.

>> what did you say?

>> what do you mean what did i say?

>> what you said. what's the matter with that? why don't you speak up and talk like a human being ?

>> like a human being . tony's back.

>> hi, ladies. good to see you.

>> this movie is trending big time .

>> i guess last time it was trending worldwide. it's pretty cool.

>> provocative subject, about a guy who is, you would say, quite a modern -- would you say typical of --

>> well, you know, i think when i was a kid if you wanted pornography, you raided your uncle phil 's playboys.

>> crazy uncle phil ?

>> no, not crazy. you had to raid his playboys or go down to a store and buy a magazine. you would be standing at the counter with the magazine.

>> little shame involved.

>> neighbor lady walks in. you know what i mean . now you press the button. a lot of young people are -- and both sexes, according to scarlet, that women watch more porn than men.

>> that was one of her quotes. you don't think so.

>> no.

>> until her cable goes zblout scarlet johansson 's character plays someone who loves stories.

>> that's the idea. i think it's being tagged as this kid is addicted to internet pornography . that's a factor in this, but what joe is trying to do, i think, is comment on the massive amount of media we're absorbing, whatever kind, whether it be pornography or hollywood romances.

>> we talk with it every day here.

>> how relationships -- can we be present with somebody if we're making a checklist at the same time?

>> likes porn basically more or meets some sort of need in him more than actual relationships which he has many, many of. strikes a big cord.

>> he can get any girl. it's unbelievable. puts his eyes on them, boom. they're going home.

>> but not satisfied with them.

>> not satisfied with them.

>> he was your friend for many, many years?

>> in "the outfield" together. great kid. he's really talented. he's trying to break the problem of trying to do a variety show now. he's doing a variety show , pip recordings is his company. he direct this had and acted in it. that's big, but he wrote this. so he wrote a movie that has -- i think it's important. it has a -- it captures this moment of our culture, very clearly and provocatively and then makes you laugh and has something to say. that's amazing.

>> in addition to this film, you're also busy on broadway . hello.

>> when do you open your new show?

>> next thursday.

>> this is called --

>> "honeymoon in vegas." it's written by andrew bergman , movie with nick cage and i play -- it's a musical. wrote this incredible score. you know about scores. i'm telling you, one of the things that's been a little bit lacking, i think, are the great songs on broadway .

>> you write them but they don't often appreciate them.

>> that's true. in your case.

>> yeah.

>> but we have -- i'm telling you, i think it will be hard to decide which is your favorite song.

>> really? great.

>> the star of the show --

>> nominated last year.

>> and brynn o'malley from annie. it 's wonderful .

>> you're always so excited about what you --

>> no, no, no, no, no. here is my barometer. i'll give you my baromtmeter. the ensemble is back. i was hanging on by my fingernails. the corhoreographer says there's the steps. boom, they do it. these are all young veterans of broadway . and if you see them, they know what's good, what's not good, what feels right, what doesn't. they're so excited about it. so that is a tremendous --

>> are you in previews now?

>> previews start --

>> you're in tech. you're in tech hell.

>> but i'm here. they're in tech hell.

>> tony, we love you and wish you luck.

>> by the way, one other thing, the book came out, the paper back of -- i would like to apologize to every teacher. came out on paper back.

>> you're hotter than ever, buddy.