TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

Leaf-peep at these perfect fall getaways

If you’re already planning your trips to look at some beautiful fall foliage, Nilou Motamed of Travel + Leisure magazine shares some of the best places to get some peace and quiet in quiet this autumn (except for rustling leaves, of course).

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>>> in case it snuck up on you, fall begins this sunday. it makes it the perfect time to take a getaway.

>> here is the director of travel and leisure magazine . good to see you.

>> good morning. are you ready?

>> yes, we are.

>> yes i am.

>> i love fall. i just love this weather.

>> it's a good time.

>> do you mind if we begin at michigan's coast?

>> no, i'm glad we're doing that. it's great there in the summertime and equally beautiful in the fall. we love a property called chateau chantal. they make their own wines. they're known for their fruit orchards or wine. it's a great place to stay.

>> traverse city , michigan.

>> yes, sir.

>> let's head up to white fish lake and glacier national park in montana which by the way has a winter storm advisory this evening.

>> i hope it doesn't effect the beautiful trees and the golden foliage. the peak isn't until mid october. a great place to stay is white fish lake lodge and what i love about this hotel is they really amp up the lodge feeling. so they have a stuffed grizzly bear . they have a moose. and they're doing a fun thing for octoberfest. they're having polka music , beer, i feel like that's a reason to go.

>> in.

>> 165 a night.

>> beautiful part of the country. when we think on the east coast about changing leaves we think about new england.

>> i have a super soft spot in my heart for there because i got marry there had ten years ago this week.

>> happy anniversary.

>> make it longer. and so it's a brand new place that has actually a motel that's been transformed into a sheik destination. what i love about this place is it gives you great access to everything and starting rates 140 a night.

>> what a deal.

>> let's head out to the west coast . the national forest in southern california .

>> yes, this is about an hour's drive east of downtown l.a. very accessible to folks that live in l.a. the lake arrow head resort is super fun in that you can see the foliage from the water. you can see the beautiful glowing leaves and all the colors and they have a forest service naturalist who will take you on a walking tour and give you the down low on all the great foliage that is out there.

>> under $200 a night.

>> i love asheville, north carolina .

>> why.

>> there's an artsy city.

>> and 13 microbreweries in that town.

>> keeps getting better.

>> stay right downtown. it gives you access to everything you can do there. part of the reason we love it is the access to blue ridge parkway which is stunning any time of the year.

>> be prepared for back ups, though.

>> but why do we need