TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

Paula Patton twerks with Al Roker

Actress Paula Patton joins the TODAY anchors to talk about her new romantic comedy, “Baggage Claim,” and weigh in on the controversy that ensued after Miley Cyrus’ notorious MTV VMA performance with Patton’s husband, Robin Thicke.

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>> it's good to be in the state of montana .

>> it is.

>> you have all of these attractive guys. did your husband know about all these guys you were going to be trying to lock lips with.

>> yes and i think that inspired blurred lines honestly.

>> that was his response.

>> it was his response. yeah, no, i mean, they're all really good-looking men. i was very lucky.

>> well, montana is -- it was a great character to play. when you first meet her, she thinks she has met her dream man and quickly realizes he is not. and while she is suffering from the pain, her little sister comes and tells her she is getting married in a month. and now marriage is a really big deal in her family and she's like i had enough of this. i can't be a bridesmaid one more time. i need to show up at this wedding with at least an engagement ring . so short of finding ayman in jail, she has to go back so she goes back and revisits all of her ex-boyfriends and sees if maybe there was something there. maybe she was too picky. so you see this 30-day travel of her trying to find ayman.

>> you tap into something real, though that is when a older sister sees her younger sister moving through life before she does there's a little panic there.

>> especially my family. my mom, marriage is everything. you're not a lady until you're married. you're not a real woman until you have children. very old fashioned but the great thing is is that through this journey montana breaks the mold and learns to love herself.

>> well, speaking of marriage, let's talk about that little vma performance.

>> did something go on there.

>> a little miley cyrus , robin thicke action. was that planned.

>> of course.

>> it was going to go that way?

>> they rehearsed for three days. robin told me in advance. i only looked at him.

>> you didn't notice the big finger.

>> i did but i don't know what people thought miley was going to do? play piano? the song is about taking molly. i just kind of expected it to be wild. i thought it was great.

>> before robin chose the beetle juice look.

>> i love that suit.

>> when you see the new video it makes sense. i like it.

>> he pulls it off.

>> i think he pulls off a lot of things.

>> so it sounds like you were exprized to the explosive reaction. it was all over the news the next day. it because corrupting our culture.

>> it was shocking to me. and i was like that was great. killed it. gave him a hug and woke up the next morning and it was like -- i got all of these texts like praying for you. hey, i'm here for you. i'm like what? hey, don't worry about it. what is everybody doing. this is fine.

>> you're both artists and these are roles and you play lots of roles and for him getting up on stage and doing what he does, he is playing a role too.

>> i don't know if you guys have been to a club lately but that's how girls dance at the club. my friends dance with him like that.

>> it's nice.

>> you guys dated since you were teens. you have been married now. you have a kid together. unlike your character in baggage claim . what's the secret? because you guys are almost the opposite of what goes on in hollywood.

>> i wish i could tell you a secret. at the end of the day it's love. love is that weird magical thing. there's no science to it. it makes you crazy. it makes you blind. we are just still madly in love. i don't know. i'm not that uptight. i'm not a traditionalist.

>> really?

>> yeah, clearly.

>> i would have never guessed.

>> and we are both artists and i want him to express himself however he feels.

>> you got that.

>> and i want to do the same.

>> love is bigger than twerking; is that right.

>> twerking can help the love.

>> there you go.

>> i'm not as good as twerking --

>> do you know how to twerk?

>> miley does it way better than i do but i do it well enough.

>> could you give us a little --

>> no way. no way.

>> i'll twerk with you.

>> a little music.

>> no, no.

>> oh my god.

>> are you okay? is your wife going to get mad.

>> no. luckily nobody will see this.

>> thank you so much. baggage claim opens in theaters on september 25th .

>> well done, sir.

>> it's getting hot in here. coming up next, i'll give you the news you need before you leave your house.