TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

CNBC explores ‘Rise of the Machines’

Melissa Lee, host of CNBC’s “Fast Money,” talks about her new special, which traces the development of products that use electricity, from toasters and coffeemakers to a driverless car.

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>> we have a terrific show on tonight that's going to be on cnbc. it's called " rise of the machines ." melissa lee is the host. the technology has taken over our lives.

>> it really is. think about how much is connected to the internet. whether it be appliances or wind turbines . and the thing about it is they're not only connected but they can talk to each other and to us and one of the greatest advances is happening right in the home. what if i told you you can tell your house to make it 65 degrees, to brew you coffee and to turn the music on.

>> i would love that.

>> i would love it.

>> and you can do that today.

>> here's what scares me a little. you took a ride in a driverless car .

>> it was a prototype and it has a dozen laser sensor cameras, four on board computers and literally hands off, feet away from the pedals. it accelerates and brakes and does it all in regular traffic.

>> how long before we see this on the roads here in the country?

>> this will be in our lifetime. when you think about adaptive cruise control . automatic braking, they're part of the march toward the driverless car .

>> what about disease?

>> heart disease , major advances there. they're working on sensors that will be tattooed on you and they're trying to find a way to detect what causes a heart attack and to send you a message 48 hours before it happens.

>> melissa lee "rise of