TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

911 call related to police shooting of man is released

Police in North Carolina have released a chaotic 911 call from the night an unarmed college student was shot 10 times and killed by a police officer. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>> police in north carolina released a 911 call for the night a former football player was shot and killed. a police officer is charged with manslaughter accused of firing his weapon a dozen times.

>> reporter: today a memorial is growing near a scene of confusion.

>> there's a guy breaking in my front door.

>> reporter: the chaos around 2:30 a.m . saturday evident. a frightened woman thinks a burglar was banging on her door. instead, it was jonathan ferrell that just crashed his car nearby and wanted help.

>> when three officers arrived ferrell ran toward them. one officer used a taser but another fired 12 shots hitting the unarmed ferrell 12 times.

>> he was a young man that was very sweet.

>> reporter: he was a former football player at florida a&m university .

>> do i think if jonathan ferrell had been white he would have been shot ten times? no. i don't.

>> reporter: the officer is on bond without being charged with voluntary manslaughter .

>> we're confident that it will be found that the officer's actions were justified on the night if question.

>> reporter: ferrell 's family says their faith allowed them to forgive the officer while they wait for answers. for today, gabe gutierrez nbc news, charlotte, north carolina .