TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

Sneak a peek at the new iPhones

The latest phones to be released from Apple will be available Friday, but tech expert Katie Linendoll gives the TODAY anchors an early look at their new features, like fingerprint authorization technology and slow-motion video.

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>>> well, this friday you'll be able to get your hands on the new apple iphone but this morning we'll get an early look. our tech expert is here with a look. hey, katie, how are you?

>> i have one in my hot little hands right now. this is the 5 s and you have.

>> 5c.

>> everyone is talking about the fingerprint recognition technology.

>> it's easy to use. rest your finger on the home button. you can add up to five different fingerprints. this is the first time they unveiled two different models. the 5c comes in different colors. $99. the only thing different, better front facing camera and also better battery life . now, the 5s, better camera, better sensor, better picture for slow motion and fingerprint technology is a huge adhere.

>> okay. i just did it. i just put my finger down on it and it opened right up for me because we programmed my fingerprint into this earlier.

>> let me test it.

>> see if you can get it open.

>> your mom texted you back and said your outfit does look good.

>> it said try again.

>> it said alert authorities.

>> ios operation.

>> today ios 7, the operating system is trending all over the web because you can actually download it today if you have an iphone 4 or higher. so a very modern new look and exciting for all things apple and apple users.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>> now that my fingerprint is in it i get to keep it.

>> we are back right after