TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

Colo. dad missing in flood after trying to find wife

As life slowly gets back to normal in the areas hit by massive flooding in Colorado, the Boland children are still holding out hope for their missing father after he left home in the flood to find his wife. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>> week since rains caused historic flooding in colorado. thousands of people displaced. bridges and roads may not be rebuilt for up to a year. while conditions are improving, there's still people unaccounted for. nbc's kate snow is in boulder this morning. kate, good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. things are improving in a lot of areas here. people are even out jogging and biking. kids are going back to school in boulder today but for the bolin family, time is standing still . their dad is missing.

>> reporter: the bolin family is still waiting .

>> i like this one because it has all the kids.

>> it was the middle of the night last week when they left their canyon home.

>> the speaker came up the canyon saying you need to evacuate immediately.

>> reporter: they drove two cars and got separated. jerry went to a shelter at the school where he taught for 30 years but he didn't stay in that safe place for long.

>> why would he leave?

>> i guess he wanted to see if i went home.

>> i just think it's a love story . he was safe and sound. they're both just so brave. they're so brave.

>> so you went back looking for him.

>> i started to and then i had to be rescued at the other edge of town.

>> reporter: that's sharon, when her car flooded, rescuers scooped her up in the only vehicle they could get to her.

>> people got out in their wet suits and put a life jacket on me and sat me on the seat and away we went.

>> we saw the footage all day on thursday and had no idea it was our mom.

>> reporter: and they had no idea their dad was missing. now everyone in town is searching for jerry.

>> anybody that ever had him in school has been out looking for him. and i thank everybody so much.

>> we are just swollen with pride for him. i just can't say enough about how proud i am to be his daughter and how proud i am that he did all the right things in the end.

>> they have found jerry's overturned pick up truck near the home. the family knows that it doesn't look good, matt, but they are just not ready yet to give up hope.

>> kate, one of the heartbreaking stories coming out of the flooding in colorado. thank you