TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

New details in abduction of girl, 14, from home

Authorities are searching around Ellenwood, Georgia for 14-year old Ayvani Hope Perez, who was abducted in a home invasion Tuesday morning. NBC’s Andrea Canning reports.

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>> georgia, a suburb of atlanta where a family is fearing for the safety of their daughter. it's been more than 24 hours since ayvani hope perez was abducted in the middle of the night by two gunman and there's still no sign of her. andrea is there with reports of ransom demands. good morning.

>> good morning. this neighborhood essentially living in fear. ayvani's family received ransom demands but the police will not confirm the information. the fbi is also investigating trying to piece together exactly what happened and where she is. as for her young friends, they are just praying for her safe return.

>> we pray to you that this young girl returns unharmed.

>> reporter: sadness mixed with fear and hope at a vigil last night.

>> amen.

>> reporter: friends and classmates coming together to pray for the safe return of 14-year-old ayvani perez.

>> it's okay. she's going to come back.

>> reporter: in this quite neighborhood in the early hours of tuesday morning, police say two gunmen, depicted in these police sketches, pried open the back door of the family home and broke in.

>> the mother actually tried to hide the two kids.

>> reporter: police say the mother hid with her two children and the family poodle but the gunman found them and demanded money and jewelry. when they were told there was none they shot the dog and kidnapped ayvani.

>> we do believe the young lady is in harms way.

>> reporter: friends describe her as a happy teenager.

>> always trying to make somebody laugh. if you're down. she is a lovely person.

>> reporter: just 4'9" and 93 pounds.

>> very small. we gave her the name little bit.

>> she is a small girl but really strong.

>> how scared are you for her.

>> i'm probably more scared than she is.

>> reporter: her family is distraught and had this message for whoever took her.

>> please bring her safe and sound . that's all i ask you. i don't care who you are. i just want her safe at home , please.

>> and adding another bizarre twist to this case, report ss say the kidnappers asked for $50,000 and quickly upped that number to $100,000. none of this information is confirmed by law enforcement .

>> thank you. it's been a