TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

3 fun ways to keep in touch with kids

TODAY contributor Mario Armstrong shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how parents can stay in touch with their kids while away at school through Google hangouts, playing Words With Friends and using the private social network Everyme.

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>> that was me about a month ago. we have help for you. yes, whether you have a child away at college, grandchildren far away , mario armstrong has the latest technology.

>> it's great to see you both.

>> i'm so excited about the woman we're going to meet right now.

>> this is her debut on national tv . mom.

>> mom?

>> my mom.

>> we're using google hang out. it can have up to ten people using your computer and webcam, and it's free.

>> hi, mom, where are you?

>> i'm sitting in my office at home.

>> where is home?

>> in --

>> mom, help me out here.

>> we want to know how far it is that we're reaching you.

>> by the way your mom is beautiful, mario .

>> i know.

>> so tell us about this google hangout. you can hang out, you can text, you can do all sorts of fun things.

>> you just cut your mother off.

>> no. we have these cool things you can add on to the screen as well. you can actually show youtube clips as well, so you can have up to ten people.

>> i understand.

>> so people who can't make it to a wedding, or can't be there. if you a multiple kids, and nobody can be there.

>> you need family that wants to be with you.

>> you like being with me right, mom?

>> i love being with you.

>> thanks, mom. bye.

>> okay, goodbye.

>> so words with friends, this is a very hot game. it's not just about the game itself. within the actual game you can chat to people. so it's really cool with that. once you bring up the chat you can play a game with your kids and start chatting, how is your day going at school. so while you're playing you're chatting.

>> why would you use the word poo -- i started this game late last night, and i was near or in the bathroom.

>> oh!

>> mario !

>> tell us about the app you have called everyme. so i have the armstrong family. i can upload pictures. that's my little guy.

>> he is adorable.

>> so you can have images, texts, but it's all private.

>> all great stuff, mario .

>>> i want to say thank you to time warner cable , apparently they sent an e-mail.

>> tony danza has something to