TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

6 sweet DIY housewarming gifts

Lifestyle expert Laurin Sydney shows how you can get creative with housewarming gifts by customizing wine labels, portrait key rings and Christmas ornaments.

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>>> we're not the only ones that got a new home this week, millions of people move into new homes every year. so that means there's lots of house warming parties.

>> so if you're looking for something thoughtful and inexpensive to give, we have lots of suggestions for you.

>> welcome home . this is cozy and delicious.

>> yes, it's fun.

>> in the old day, house warming were things that could make you warm. i don't want to bring anything warm.

>> they all usually have heating in their house. if you want warm, nothing makes you warmer than a drink. you want to bring someone something live, and a little beer, a lime tree . you got it from a nursery, some coronas and wrapped it in burlap.

>> this is a wine label that gets downloaded once.

>> this is custom downloaded once, you can use it as my times as you want. we have to just move for a second. remember in the old days people said what's your sign? no one ever said, "what's your cordinants." this is $45 and it's the longitude and latitude in a custom sign. this a a woman in london, you e-mail her a picture of the home, it is 3232. they have different prices.

>> these are coornaments for christmas. we did studio 1a because it was top secret , but she sent me a picture. frank was in there holding a glass of wine.

>> he is there right now.

>> wow.

>> and this is terrific. this artist will work with you to do any kind of rug for $45.

>> everything there customized.

>> this is a sugar cookie , slice and bake. . here, girls, have one. we did 1a and 30 rock , but do anything your heart desires. this is an inexpensive great way instead of just bringing cockies.

>> hoda, what are you doing?

>> mine says 6b.

>> i love hodie, that's what i tried to say but i will have to go on to a different cookie.

>> he loves the ho, and i love being with the ho --

>> we know your nails get ravaged when you're moving. this is a great way, inexpensive, do it the creative way, i wrote your names in nail polish .

>> great, thank you.

>> speaking of home, if someone