TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Jewel: Giving birth is ‘such a gift’

Author Jewel talks about her second children’s book “Sweet Dreams,” which includes a love poem for her son Kase, now 2, that she wrote while she was pregnant.

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>>> jewel is known for her folksy style.

>> but the singer songwriter is also a best selling author who has written her second children's book. and you wrote it while you were pregnant, right?

>> and he is now two and three months?

>> yeah.

>> how beautiful is the --

>> a little cowboy already.

>> i first red through the book without hearing the song.

>> my dream is sweet dreams for you.

>> when i was pregnant, i was imagining what it would be like to have a child. it's amazing the love you feel before they're even born. the only thing you want for them is to have good dreams and to have a sweet life. and the illustrations are so beautiful.

>> yes, they're wonderful. tell us how he is doing. his daddy is a rodeo star. does he already have horses.

>> he rides but he's not like a tough cowboy. he says things like snacky poo?

>> just he have a musical gene?

>> he is starting to make up little songs . so like when we go on a hike, i will say make up a song about what you see. but if anyone can do it, you can.

>> here is a scoop --

>> our artist of the month this week. how do you know one another?

>> tori toured with me, she is a singer, song write ewriter, and she's great.

>> i have a new record out in april, and then a christmas al bum coming out first.

>> and it is a little bit -- a lot of cleavage.

>> sweet dream . you get the cd inside.

>>> so you have been invited to a house warming but you don't know what to