TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Mindy Kaling goes ‘wild’ on her sitcom

Actress Mindy Kaling, who is set to launch season two of “The Mindy Project,” says that you’ll see a wild side of her unlucky-in-love OB/GYN character and pokes fun at her short haircut on the show.

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>>> welcome back to this great tuesday. if you watched "the office" you know kelly kapour. and now she is back in season two of her edgey comedy "the mindy project."

>> when i first met you, i thought this is probably going to be a fling based on your body type alone. i thought it was a found little detour. but this wasn't a detour. this is my path, i love you. i love you, will you marry me?

>> yes.

>> i see a lady in this tree that should be having my baby.

>> that was ridiculous.

>> i think we did that eight or nine times. we're so happy to have you. you're a big riding star here. and there are a lot of people we have not seen before just showing up on our set. i don't even care what his name is, except it's tommy.

>> the show was introduced as edgy. hoda would like a --

>> what is that clear one with the straw in it, i'll take that one, whatever that is.

>> i'll have a little sangria here. thank you sweetheart.

>> when you watch it, you feel like a lot of your show must be improv, is it scripted?

>> it is scripted, but that is a nice compliment.

>> yes, he is a professional competitor who i am also super attracted to, so it's frustrating to me.

>> but everything is frustrating for a girl like you.

>> who was an obgyn in your family?

>> my mother was.

>> but it's not based on her?

>> no, this character is pretty wild. i had like three boyfriends in my life, and she a lot of boyfriends and drinking.

>> hey, tom, how are you doing?

>> he has a cardigan on now.

>> yeah, my cha, ter, i thought i looked like natalie portman , and my staff was like you need to grow your hair out. you look like a little indian boy. it looked like the first day proposal.

>> when you're going back to the hospital, and you show up, and she's like get out of here little boy , we don't want any candy bars .

>> you have ricky gervais on?

>> yes, steve carell would be awesome on the show.

>> we lost tommy, but you're welcome back.

>> we wish you all of the best on your show. is that a door bell ? he is from morell's wine.

>> thank you so much.

>> come over here so we can see your face.