TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

KLG, Hoda to baton twirlers: We’re sorry!

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb apologize to baton twirlers around the world after questioning whether it was possible to make a career out of it. They try it out and realize it’s not as easy as it looks.

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>> for those of you who don't believe in miracles, this is your day to become a believer. it's a miracle they let us in the studio.

>> we're in the big studio, and it feels pretty good.

>> it's our old desk, our wine, and we're good to go.

>> we'll show you around more, but when you look at it in a wide angle , it is really a beautiful, beautiful set.

>> and you're wearing white after labor day because you're a rule breaker and i like that about you. they come along and tell us who they are, and we're going to break the rules. there was a big shooting in washington dc , and our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, and the alleged shooter was shot debt. so i'm sure we will learn more about him in the days to come.

>> do you see a pattern yet with some of the other mass shootings?

>> when a newscaster comes on and says this is the worst chuting since sandy hook , which was just in necessary, and they're all so close together. it used to be i remember columbine. now it's like since a few months ago, and a few before that, and there always seems to be so many more.

>> we don't know enough yet to say why or anyone else .

>> so we want to welcome you again to our new home. we wondered what it would have wondered what it could have been like.

>>> they have a new set on "the today show ." they have a thing that's really cool. it's a desk, it is on a 360 degree rotating platform. or as hoda and kathie lee put it, the room wasn't spinning? is it also vibrating as well? i love you guys.

>> it does spin by the way.

>> it does spin, it reminds me of the music fair. we're going to drove to you, so we're going to spin it.

>> i'm liking it.

>> we need a disco ball , that's all we need.

>> wow.

>> you know who is over there? a baton twirler.

>> we have one thing for you to say to all of those baton twirlers out there.

>> let's talk about it. so yesterday, we were talking about the ms. america pageant. this is crazy by the way, isn't it? who is that guy back there? who is he? who are you? what is your name?

>> matt murray .

>> how come we have to come on the show to meet who is on our show.

>> matt murray , nice to meet you. so we haven't worked out all of the kinks. so we need to say that we are are such idiots.

>> no you say it, okay.

>> we said something yesterday that we're ashamed of.

>> no we're not. there is all kinds of ignorance in it the world. we were asking about pa ton twirling as a talent on ms. america. apparently everyone from the baton twirling world sent lots and lots of pictures of themselves twirling batons and there is kathie lee . our facebook page was overwhelmed by people telling us we were unaware of what a skill it is, and it is because you have to be coordinated. that is not easy. i tried to do that at home and it didn't work out too well. baton twirlers go on to teach others. many have children in programs across the country, and some of you said you have received college scholarships for baton twirling , so we want to say "my bad." so we're going to bring in a guest baton twirler. her name is alyssa johnson ebby. do you think we're ignorant for what we said --

>> a little.

>> even though i am one of you in my heart, you saw me with my little baton, i just didn't go on to have a career in it. so we didn't know what could be done with that skill.

>> there is lots that can be done with it skill. i started when i was 6-years-old and i have competed internationally since 1991 and i made a professional career out of it. i joined the cast of the show blast. i did a year tour across the united states and all over the place.

>> why don't you show us one of your tricks.

>> so you don't lose your batoning skill?

>> no.

>> we want to see what she is going to do first.

>> we're going to start with a finger twirl.

>> this is a little twirl.

>> i have arthritis now.

>> you scoop the ice cream . this is what we teach the little kids.

>> we're offended.

>> oh, nice.

>> we would throw it up but we don't want to break a light. wow! thank you for coming to see us and putting us straight. we apologize. go and search -- wait a minute, is that the doorbell. i think somebody has come to see us. wait, he is over here where there is no door. hello, we hear you have been waiting for us for two days. for your wife you have some chocolate. there is passion fruit.

>> i don't need it, but she does.

>> yum. thank you, you can leave that on the table. thank you. you never know what else will show up. what great house warming gifts these are.

>> i think there will be more.

>> you do?

>> i do.

>> thank you. tonight is a big night if you enjoy watching jeopardy. and about 10 million do on a nightly basis. here is what is going to happen tonight.

>> i like mine dirty.

>> like you have to remind me.

>> kathie lee and hoda.

>> that's the end of civilization, people.

>> it is official, how come you're not finishing your cookie? miley cyrus and liam hemsworth have broken up their engagement. you can follow out if people unfriend or unfold low you.

>> why do we need one more way to find out someone thinks we're an idiot. has anyone ever unfriended you on facebook?

>> i don't know, i'm sure they have, but i don't know. this doesn't have to do with anything, but let me say my cable was out and my computer was out. i called time warner --

>> and you have to books because you read on kindle.

>> time warner said we'll call you back in 30 minutes . they called back -- and i said it's not an outage. they said it's an outage. it will be on tonight or tomorrow morning . you know what happens this morning, no cable no nothing. i called back they said it wasn't an outage, that it was just me and now they're going to send somebody on sunday to my apartment. sunday.

>> you'll be out of town probably.

>> and when you don't have cable and internet, it's all connected together --

>> i know, girard.

>> is anybody else at the door.

>> apparently not.