TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

9 ways to upgrade your man’s look this fall

If your man needs help picking out fresh new threads for the fall (or you just can’t stand looking at the same old shirts), Tyler Thoreson of shares some great items that can refresh his look.

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>>> admit it ladies. there's at least one item you're wanting to throw away. in my case it's cargo shorts i wore june, july and august. ladies, you know what we're talking about.

>> we have three men willing to throw away a cherished item of clothing for an upgrade.

>> good to see you.

>> good to see you gentlemen. we have lauren and your husband has this -- wow, was he curious george ?

>> this color should be reserved for hulk hogan .

>> he wears it to work and out to dinner.

>> wears it to work.

>> yes.

>> i'm blind.

>> let's bring breath on in here.

>> tyler, what do you think?

>> well, brett , i want to applaud your sense of adventure and willingness to work color into your wardrobe. but we're going to channel that. we have a muted red shirt and classed it up a little bit with the tweed blazer which works great as a piece of outerwear. it's fall and get color in with the sneakers too. a pop of color there. color is a good thing.

>> do you feel all right?

>> well, now that you're being mean to me i'm happy that you had a cricket.

>> maybe we should have gave him the cricket.

>> are you going to toss it brett .

>> go for it.

>> let it go, man.

>> we have to do like a little --

>> awe.

>> yeah, brett . nice. nice.

>>> we have another one. those are nice.

>> what do you have there.

>> my boyfriend's extremely large plaid shorts. the plaid is awful. the size is awful. luckily i'm the only one that has to look at it for the most part. he doesn't wear it out of the house but i'm the one that has to look at it.

>> let's bring winston in here.

>> i sympathize with you. i have my own shorts i wear all weekend all the time. they're not plaid though. they're not plaid. we're sticking with plaid and we decided to put plaid where it belongs on a shirt. so we got a great looking shirt from old navy. we layered it up with a sweatshirt and we got the cargo thing going. we're trying to work within your style. we're going with cargo pants .

>> rocking it.

>> ready to dump it? do it.

>> those smell it winston.

>> all right. georgia, your husband joe, wedding d.j. but wears the same suit.

>> the same baggy suit.

>> he had the night off at your wedding i hope?

>> he wore this at our wedding over 10 years ago. so it's time.

>> hey joe .

>> i applaud you were wearing a suit to all of those weddings but we need to modernize that suit. get you out of that 90s look. we're all about modern and it doesn't necessarily have to be super expensive. this is from h&m and it's separates and it's a little over 100 bucks in modern look.

>> fantastic.

>> dump it.

>> lose it, joe.

>> lose it. let it go.

>> let it go.

>> let go of the tie.

>> all right. let's bring our guys all back in. thank you so much.

>> tyler, thanks brother. good to see you man.