TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Self-powered treadmills and other hot health topics

TODAY contributor Joy Bauer shares some of the hottest topics in the realm of health news, including self-powered treadmills that are all the rage for athletes and chain restaurants offering gluten-free menus.

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>> like a fitness guy.

>> it comes and goes.

>> i try.

>> do you eat well.

>> no, i try.

>> well, you look good anyway. joy bauer is here.

>> hey joy.

>> our registered dietitian. good to see you.

>> i'm excited to be here with you in the gorgeous new studio.

>> do you like it?

>> i'm going to have you sample things and put you on a treadmill.

>> it's not a classic treadmill.

>> should i get on it.

>> very carefully.

>> start walking. keep your chest up and one at a time let go of your arms. this is a self-powered treadmill. it's a treadmill without any motor what so ever. you power through your whole workout and if you're starting to feel your heart rate go up it's because --

>> you're out of shape.

>> that too but you're engaging your entire body. obviously your leg muscles but your core is strengthening.

>> oh.

>> slow down. slow down.

>> once it gets going is it hard to slow down.

>> the other thing is it's usually quite because it doesn't have a motor unless you fall off. this is popping up in a lot of popular chains nationwide. you'll find it at barry's boot camp and l.a. fitness. also there's a cool sort of elite chain here called punch. i love this. college campuses as well.

>> do you like this better than a typical treadmill.

>> it burns more than 30% of the calories compared to the other but it's tough.

>> yeah it is.

>> it's hard.

>> i love it.

>> i worked out in a suit which is not advisable.

>> let's move on to diet.

>> so, in response to people going gluten free whether it's for personal reasons or medical reasons, the national restaurant chains , at least a lot of them are offering gluten free items on their menu. this is from noodles and company. one of these dishes is gluten free . one is regular. you're going to taste test and see if you're able to figure it out.

>> when something is gluten free is there a big change in the flavor profile in things.

>> flavor profile. good term.

>> chefs are getting better at coming up with delicious gluten free items.

>> the only caveat is some of the kitchen are more diligent at separating the gluten.

>> i am going to say the other one. but i have no idea.

>> it's just a little less yummy.

>> just a little bit.

>> but it's great, right?

>> dominos offers a thin crust gluten free pizza. chick-fil-a unbreaded nuggets and burger and pf changs .

>> these are the vegetarian options.

>> vegetarian diets are picking up momentum like crazy and everybody needs to experiment with more protein-based items for dinner. this is beans. we have a yummy tofu stir fry . i'll tweet out all the recipes.

>> what's going on here.

>> pick up a sample. this is a secret ingredient winding up in a lot of energy bars . and i want you to switch it around in your mouth and savor the flavor and give me your best guess. what do you think is the secret ingredient ?

>> mayonnaise.

>> no.

>> tabasco.

>> let me give you a hint.

>> there's something spicy in there. cinnamon.

>> here's a hint.

>> is this going to take long.

>> we don't have our hint? okay. are you ready? there's the hint.

>> cricket legs.

>> crickets.

>> oh my god. i would have run out of here.

>> you're eating crickets. you're kidding me.

>> they're high in protein and low in carbs.

>> there it is. watch out, man, that thing is going to take off on you.

>> are you crazy?

>> they're gluten-free and these companies