TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Carson, Willie, Al concoct their dream ‘man cave’

Mark Zuckerburg and his wife Priscilla Chan are wrapping up renovations on their $9.9 million San Francisco mansion, complete with a wine cellar, media room, and greenhouse. But it’s the addition of a “man cave” that has the TODAY anchors dreaming up blueprints of their ideal hideaways.

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>> about the world's perhaps greatest man cave being put together by --

>> a lot of man up here.

>> who did it.

>> zuckerberg.

>> of course.

>> about to complete a huge renovation. he has a mansion in san francisco .

>> it's called alcatraz.

>> he is making a man cave.

>> he needs space. they're going to add a bunch of rooms. $9.9 million. we have a media room . you watch movies. a wine room .

>> all right, nice.

>> a wet bar.

>> got to have that.

>> i don't know --

>> i love the next one.

>> $60,000 green house .

>> a greenhouse.

>> that's not the man cave, though? that's the rooms in the house.

>> he needs to build another room.

>> maybe greenhouse is a euphemism.

>> yeah.

>> you know what i'm talking about.

>> something in your man cave.

>> i'm going with, you have to have in the man cave, girls.

>> and your girlfriend likes that because.

>> you asked me a question -- no, big screen tv and then really, lots of girls.

>> girls and a tv around watching the tv with you.

>> i want al's weather tv