TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Mel B: Howard Stern’s radio show ‘has me shaking’

“America’s Got Talent” judge Mel B talks to TODAY about the show’s upcoming = season finale and her stressful interview with fellow judge Howard Stern on his talk show Tuesday morning.

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>>> well, it's been a season of acrobats, fire throwers, sword swallowers, dancers, singers, it's lead up to this moment, america 's got talent. [ singing ]

>> mel, i'd like to steal her for my show the voice. that girl can sing. one of the six finalists that will compete. he's good.

>> he's good but i don't think she is going to win it.

>> who?

>> the three guys.

>> from a real diverse background.

>> they're really good.

>> they met online and their first performance was on the show together.

>> really?

>> why do you think they'll take it.

>> i do.

>> why.

>> i think they're so good and they're so likable and they can sing and they harmonize beautifully. can i just talk about something?

>> yeah.

>> i just did the howard stern show . i'm disco --

>> have you ever done the show before?

>> 15 years ago.

>> how bad can it be?

>> it was really bad. america 's got talent is a very family show. his show is just --

>> he is very appropriate on --

>> yes but the show i just did right now was completely inappropriate.

>> you had to expect that.

>> but i'm shaking a little bit. he was asking me things about -- you don't want to know. let's not even go there.

>> he was asking you about relations not only with him but his wife.

>> yeah, how dare he? his wife is pretty also.

>> that's why i'm a big fan .

>> let's go back to america 's got talent.

>> yes, please.

>> i'm a big stern fan.

>> congratulations on your gig.

>> thank you.

>> well done. you're very good.

>> that remains to be seen. but it's a pleasure to be here. what do you think about the new set.

>> i love it. the orange thing.

>> you have orange on now. this is nice.

>> thank you.

>> so tell me about the show, judging a show like that, it's one thing to judge carson's show, who's the best singer. your show is so apples to oranges. one guy swallowing swords and then opera singers . how do you compare them.

>> you love the sword swallower .

>> there was no inuendo going on there.

>> there's nothing --

>> there's no.

>> all i know is i love my husband very much.

>> yes, you do.

>> i feel like you might have said something to howard you feel bad.

>> no. i don't think i did.

>> he was asking me about his wife which i found inappropriate.

>> is that the only thing you found inappropriate?

>> you find that inappropriate?

>> a little bit, yeah.

>> who does that.

>> howard stern .

>> anyway. back on track. we're here. we're on the "today" show.

>> you already told us who is going to win.

>> i think they're going to win.

>> who do you think america ?

>> maybe the country singer because he's very good.

>> do you think we're going to go to las vegas and watch this act, do you think that plays a part.

>> exactly. i had my own show in vegas. i know what it takes to have a show and make it entertaining.

>> wouldn't a magician be good?

>> we do but i don't think he's that good.

>> we have the guys that won last time. the dog act. they'll be here.

>> mel b. is great judge. you're not holding back.

>> i don't know what to say.

>> you already declared the winner. the interview is over. are you inspired by any of the acts.

>> i just recorded my single and it's out in two days. i got really inspired.

>> give us a little.

>> no.

>> i think you have a clip actually, don't you.

>> we don't do clips.

>> you do.

>> what about spice girls reunion.

>> i love that.

>> can we just see. look what goes into the "today" show.

>> turn around.

>> mel, it's your show. go ahead.

>> look at all these people don't run. look. look at them all. this one's asleep. he's fast asleep this one.

>> wake up.

>> and look at this one.

>> how do you like carson's orange room . how about that.

>> okay. i'm off.

>> come here, you didn't see the --

>> it's the social media thing.

>> oh, look at that. that's gorgeous.

>> now we can extend in here and this is connecting to the home audience.

>> that's nice.

>> is it too orange? we just put the carpet in last night.

>> i don't mind the orange. i'm feeling the orange.

>> how about that.

>> feels good. if anybody wants to send you some -- we have twitter questions?

>> we do?

>> yeah, i think so.

>> can we operate it.

>> look at that. if you could live a simple life where would be one place you would love to take your kids free from paparazzi.

>> you know, l.a. is pretty cool like that. you can have your private life and you can have your life in the media.

>> really?

>> it's better here in new york than l.a.

>> no l.a.

>> seems like l.a. there's 12 parks and that's where the celebrities go and the paparazzi knows that.

>> alle berry is complaining about it.

>> it's all falling apart over here.

>> thank you so much. we're going to get a therapist for you to take care of what happened with howard stern .

>> can i leave?

>> if you'd like.

>> can i go to bed now?

>> live finale of america 's got talent tonight and tomorrow at 9:00, 8:00 central.

>> it's going to be amazing.

>> we love you mel b .

>> wow.

>> wow. don't ever do howard stern -- never do that again.