TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Butterball turkey line enlists men for first time

For the first time since its creation 32 years ago, the Butterball Turkey Talk Line is employing male operators to answer callers’ turkey preparation quandaries. To recruit them, Butterball will offer an online application, available until mid-October, for men 25 and older.

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>> extra cash on thanksgiving.

>> yeah.

>> what do i do?

>> after years after the butterball hotline, the place where you call? only employing women, they say they are looking to hire their first male.

>> about time.

>> where have you been?

>> what are the qualifications? 25 and older.

>> got it.

>> check.

>> you need to have a background in food or nutrition.

>> i eat.

>> okay.

>> but the main requirement, according to the folks at the turkey hotline, you must want to have to help people.

>> oh, forget it, i'm out.

>> no, but i have a tip for you guys. i cooked my first turkey this past thanksgiving, guess what i did.

>> you didn't take the stuff out.

>> i didn't. there's a little baggy in it and it served it to my guests and snuck it out.

>> what happened to it.

>> are your guests okay?