TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Skipping breakfast doesn’t mean you’ll gain weight

A recent study done by the University of Alabama at Birmingham debunks the belief that skipping your morning meal will lead to weight gain. The TODAY anchors discuss the idea of eating by the clock and how their personal eating habits fit the mold.

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>> as bad as we think. you know the conventional wisdom is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. well, researchers at the university of alabama birmingham took a look at this and they found no definitive link between skipping breakfast and weight gain. not to interesting. instead the scientists say total effort counts. eating right, exercise, getting sleep and managing stress which is why some of the studies anger people. one day they say you have to have breakfast.

>> make up your mind.

>> i think you need breakfast.

>> you're really hungry and then you gorge out on bad things.

>> what does everyone eat for breakfast?

>> bloody mary . it's like a meal in a glass.

>> yeah, more often.

>> tea and some fruit.

>> protein smoothie.

>> boo.

>> look at you mr. healthy.

>> scoop of peanut butter .

>> that's it.