TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Vogue’s very chic 100 under $100

Meredith Melling Burke, senior market editor for Vogue magazine, shares five perfect fall outfits put together from their annual 100 under $100 list.

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>>> fashion trends for fall that you can actually afford. the folks at vogue magazine put together a great list. she is the senior marketing editor. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we think of vogue and think it's the high fashion i could never afford it. that's not true.

>> it's not true at all. we have taken the aspirational fashion from the pages of vogue and made it accessible to every woman no matter what your budget. everything here today is under $100.

>> we like the sound of that. 5 trends we'll highlight. britney is modeling the sporty trend.

>> we're not taking things out of our gym bag and wearing them this season. the idea is color blocking. taking the bright athletic colors. she is wearing a shirt from jcpenneys and her skirt is zara.

>> how is this different than what we have seen before.

>> color blocking is the new print for the season. we're moving away from prints and into this really solid bright compact print.

>> thank you so much. our next trend, menswear. tell us about this.

>> balancing the feminine with the masculine.

>> she is wearing an ann taylor sweater. she's not wearing anything underneath it. she has a wide leg trouser from the gap, 59.95 and paired it with an ipad case and the print on that takes inspiration from a typical men's necktie or handkerchief.

>> yeah but it's square. that's a menswear trend as well.

>> absolutely.

>> our next trend is accessories. when i think of pearls i tend to think of grandma but these are much more hip.

>> these are not your granny's pearls. we reinvented them for fall. the spider broach. the idea is that you're not wearing the broach on your shirt or collar, we're taking our sweaters and fastening it with a broach and you can even put it on your waistband. there's new ways to wear it. here we have the alternative to the single strand of pearls. this has pearls of varying size and it would be great for the office or great to wear out at night with a t-shirt or leather pants.

>> if you're going to wear a necklace like that go more plain.

>> sure.

>> pretty bracelets there as well.

>> lots of variety.

>> we have another model, andy. discreet accessories. what does that mean.

>> the idea is that your accessories blend into your lock. andy is wearing a dress from h&m that's 59.95 and a bag from nine west and shoes for $99. it's a head to toe completely timeless look. you can buy these this season and come back again and again.

>> is the idea to be monochromatic.

>> yes.

>> a little chilly out here. and finally the naturals. tell us about that.

>> these are over here. so this is a color palate story for fall right here. we have the idea of ivory, cream, sand. it's a very all american look which we love. it goes from everything to clothing to boots to accessories including your make up palate.

>> great. is this part of the menswear?

>> we only covered five trends today. there's ten trends in the entire feature. that's straight from our rock and roll segment.

>> i like this hat. i think i might have to steal that right there. thank you so much. great to have you here. vogue's 100 under $100. we love the sound of that. thank you.