TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Mindy Kaling: James Franco is ‘dreamy’

Talented writer, actress and comedian Mindy Kaling talks about the upcoming second season of her hit show “The Mindy Project,” and her affection for James Franco, who makes an appearance as Dr. Paul Leotard.

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>> before we get any further, let's say hi to mindy kaling . she stars in the mindy project about a high achieving doctor that struggles to find fairy tale romance. season two debuts tonight. take a look.

>> whoa, who is that?

>> cool your jets. you're engaged.

>> a person is walking into the room. i'm just looking at him.

>> stop.

>> what? is this the taliban? i can't look at a man anymore?

>> how are you?

>> do you find him dreamy.

>> yeah. pretty much. dreamy. he's artsy, he's funny.

>> did you create the name of his character?

>> that of the siliest name i could think of and james was like i'll do that, no problem. he's super hansom and funny in it.

>> so you're engaged. are you actually walking down the aisle?

>> i do and it's dramatic and theatrical. it's a lot that happens.

>> and i love the short do in that chip. did you grow it out or is that a wig.

>> you pull it off better than me. when i wore it they were like you're not anne hathaway . grow your hair out. you look, you and halle and natalie portman can pull it off but i need it.

>> i know how it is.

>> do you watch your stuff.

>> for sure.

>> or do you sit back and just let it go?

>> i really enjoy it. i'll watch it tonight in real time, watch me and franco scenes together.

>> are you going to be live tweeting while watching it.

>> i just take it in. it's a lot of work but it's really funny.

>> really funny show.

>> you can go get warm by the way. it's freezing.

>> watch out.

>> give us a minute.