TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Man leads blind colleague from Navy Yard shooting

A viral photo shows Omar Grant leading a blind colleague to safety during an evacuation from their building during the Washington Navy Yard shooting. Grant tell his story to Carson Daly in a TODAY Orange Room interview.

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>> last 24 hours a lot of action on social media dealing with, of course, that shooting in washington. let's go over to carson. he's in the orange room and can bring us up to date.

>> good morning, matt. good morning everybody. monday morning in the midst of the confusion and the lack of information surrounding the navy yard massacre. the news first spread on all the social sites. let's take a walk through it. we first learned from an official u.s. navy tweet that three shots were fired. here it is now. u.s. navy confirms three shots fired 8:20 a.m . building 197. then we saw a instagram picture of soldiers that gave us a clear imagine as to the severity there. military scene. then a vine video went out which was remarkable to get this imagine all before 10:30 eastern time . speculation as to why reagan international was closed. military needed to get in there to do their job. again, all of this stuff, quick news happening in a short amount of time. there were also imagines of touching and heroic address kus. we saw a worker leading his blind colleague to safety. o omar joins us on the phone. it's nice to have you. just describe the scene, if you could, while you were there at work.

>> i heard the first two shots while i was in the atrium near the cafeteria where i saw my blind colleague, also. after we heard the first two shots, we were wondering where the noise came from because, you know, sound echos and travels there in the atrium area that goes from the first floor of the building up to the fifth floor. i proceeded to take his arm and lead him into the cafeteria while people started wondering if they also heard gunshots. we heard three more shots while we were inside the cafeteria and then we saw the alarms go off to evacuate the building. as soon as we got outside the cafeteria doors into the hallway, we saw people panic, running, for the exits. and they were shouting. i could not make out exactly what they were shouting but i knew it was something serious. i told my colleague that we were going to get out of the building and i was going to help him because normally he's got somebody with him there and this morning he was all by himself.

>> well, a remarkable act mr. grant. so many people hearing shots would have run for the exit. you went right to your coworker in need. it was a much needed bright spot we saw. thank you. you didn't have to be on this call this morning. we found you. thank you, sir, we appreciate it. and all the best to you.

>> thank you.

>> back to you guys, thank you.

>> so many imagines. so many tweets. so much information. and so much confusing information.

>> and that's an unfortunate aspect of social media . there's the good side and bad side. we saw both yesterday for