TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

Frizz to fab! 3 hot hair makeovers

Hair stylist to the stars Louis Licari finds three teachers who need new hairstyles for the new school year, and gives them a Hollywood-style treatment that includes updated color and no more frizz.

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>>> the kits are back in school with their new clothes and haircuts, but what about the teachers?

>> today we're taking care of at least three of them. contributist and stylist to the stars, sing it home -- louis licari has been at it again.

>> good morning.

>> we get to sing it to you twice.

>> we like it.

>> i'm so excited. my favorite tune.

>> it is fall. so should people be going darker? is it time to get rid of the blonde stuff?

>> i think the most important thing is that your hair looks healthy, shiny and pretty and easy to maintain. and yeah, you can go a little darker as your skin starts to fade. your summer sun goes away.

>> let's start off with our first lucky lady. her name is ranana. silverman. she's 33 years old, an occupational therapist at a school for autistic children. she's been a teacher ten years. while she loves her job, she very excited for a brand-new look. tell us what she needed done.

>> if you look at her before picture, you see had he has a prominent forehead. she's a very attractive woman. her style, you know, like we could add to her style. we could give it a little edge.

>> let's add, shall we?

>> ranana!

>> oh, i'm sorry. now, the first thing i did is take some strokes of color which did two things. ranana who is born with the curse of fine hair. adding highlights, add texture. this plus igor today gave her those bangs and gave her instant style. she can get ready in minutes. you know why? it's a great thing. she's a teacher, a mother of two, and she's training for the new york city marathon.

>> what?

>> a busy lady. all righty.

>> a busy girl.

>> you look great.

>> thank you, ranana.

>> next up we have christine hirsch. she's 38, a second grade teacher. she says she's over her frizzy hair. and she wants a makeover to celebrate her that year25 years.

>> tell us what she needed.

>> okay. well, christine 's hair is frizzy, a little bit curly. it's like at that in-between stage.

>> we're going to bring her on out. come on out, sweetie. come on out, christine . oh, wow!

>> oh, i'm sorry.

>> you look darling.

>> you look great.

>> what is the quickest way to get rid of the frizz look, the look of frizz is to make your hair a little bit darker. now, this did two things. she tried to make her hair lighter which turned it that orangey brown color and made her skin look a little sallow. this made her complexion look better. we don't want the makeup to be overwhelming.

>> i want to feel.

>> igor gave her this great lesson with a large brush, by the way. a little bit of balm. she blow dries her hair in five minutes or under. again, a mother of three. all born on may 8th .

>> all right. beautiful.

>> congratulations.

>> all right up we have andrea toussaint, 32, she's been teaching grades 9 to 12 for 10 years. she says her hairstyle is practical. she's ready to funk it up. here's her before picture. let's go ahead and take a look at her after picture. come on out, andrea . oh, i'm sorry. ooh, la la . uh-huh. you look good. tell us what you did.

>> andrea chose to make her hair darker. now, technically, this is really a difficult problem, but we just aced it. talking about myself again.

>> of course you are.

>> i'm sorry. i apologize. i apologize. what i did is i made her hair lighter overall. i added those strokes of color. igor gave her this perpetually chic a-line bob. and this lightens and brightens. she's glowing.