TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

James Blunt: I used ‘real’ people in new video

Fans have watched singer James Blunt’s music videos on You Tube more than 250 million times, and now the Grammy nominee is out with a new album called “Moon Landing.” James says he enjoyed filming his latest music video in Wyoming in which he used real people, and even captured a wedding that made it into the final cut.

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>>> he picked up a guitar and wrote his very first song. now five grammy nominations later, james blunt is a worldwide superstar!

>> his videos have been viewed on youtube -- get this -- more than 250 million times. he sold nearly 17 million albums. his latest called " moon landing ," and it debuts in november.

>> and we got a sneak listen to it this morning.

>> "bonfire heart" is the name of the song.

>> great video with that song.

>> yeah, the video is amazing, actually, because i filmed it in wyoming and idaho covering hundreds of miles. and everyone in the video, they're not actors.

>> these are just people you met along the way?

>> yeah. and the song is about connecting with people. the lyrics, someone light the spark.

>> yes. at first i thought it was a love story . then it's like oh, you people like us out in the heartland of america.

>> yeah.

>> not phonies like hoda and me.

>> the best is the end because there is a wedding. it's entirely real. it really was a wedding.

>> are they still together?

>> i would hope so. two weeks ago.

>> in james's world, it's hard to know.

>> they spilled out what's going on. we said hey, come downour video. this is their wedding dance.

>> and then you started playing.

>> i love it. how did you explain to everybody exactly what was going on? because you are a household name to some. to some, they may or may not be familiar with your music.

>> your music but not your face so much.

>> in a place like that, they spilled out of this bar. we were filming. their wedding was going on. they said who the hell are you in the car park ? so i picked up the guitar and played them "you're beautiful." oh, you're that guy that sings that song.

>> come on in!

>> and here's my song called "bonfire heart."

>> wonderful. what did the bride and the groom think? james blunt is singing at our wedding?

>> she was crying her eyes out. i think -- i hope they were tears of joy. the crew were crying their eyes out, too.

>> it couldn't have been more serendipitous, you know?

>> you're such a cool, great guy. you also like to party. we do know that about you.

>> he spends his summers in spain in biza. we didn't know if you'd come stumbling in minus a few teeth or what. why ibiza ? oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. and that's not ibiza . that's where he spends the winters, in switzerland.

>> i love skiing so i spend time in switzerland and protecting the swiss borders. no one has invaded there. and ibiza because i like nightclubs. i write overemotional songs. but i love the nightclubs of ibiza .

>> i hear the locals realize that if they want a good time --

>> they knock on your door.

>> in ibiza , they go over to your house.

>> true. i have a nightclub at the end of my garden, and my band made me a big neon sign says "blunty's nightclub where everybody's beautiful."

>> especially after a few drink.

>> i was going to say, if you drink enough, they really are.

>> how is your social life , by the way?

>> we were told we were allowed to ask.

>> how's my social life ? oh, my love life ? that's a very different thing. my social life is bad.

>> and your love life is good?

>> my social life i don't remember much. yeah, my love life is good, thank you. i've written some happy songs, and you'll find them on the album.

>> about real people or like some fantasy sick world you live in?

>> a little.

>> james, good luck with it.

>> you're going to sing for us at the end of the show , too, right?

>> jayeah, absolutely.

>> another beautiful song from your cd coming out?

>> yes.

>> do you know the name of it?

>> no, what song am i singing? it will be a good one.

>> still a little partying going on. hasn't quite wrung out yet.

>>> we're about to surprise our biggest fan, and it could