TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

SNL, Justin Bieber top weekend Google searches

Google trends manager Marion Link reveals some of the most popular searches over the weekend, including the new “Saturday Night Live” lineup and rumors that Justin Bieber will play Batman’s sidekick Robin.

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>> stories that had everyone running to their computers over the weekend.

>> marion link is here with some of the hottest searches. good to see you.

>> thank you for having me.

>> these are the ones that spiked this morning and the floods in colorado at the top of the list.

>> the top of the list here. 15 inches worth of week over the weekend in boulder county . it's currently, you know, it's a natural disaster . whenever we see severe weather people going to google. seeing ways they can help the county.

>> and are people also looking for death tolls, property damage as well?

>> there's been about 1,000 homes damaged. we're sending our hearts out to the state.

>> and missing people as well. people want to see that get resolved.

>> yeah.

>> our next topic is miss america .

>> miss america 2014 .

>> again miss new york takes the tiara.

>> second consecutive winner from new york state. miss america was last night on abc. people are excited about this. going to google and finding out more information and seeing photos of her and of course, here we go, actually going to youtube and seeing videos of her dance she performed.

>> she is the first american of indian descent taking the crown.

>> isn't it true the woman that put the crown on her head had unpleasant comments about her?

>> i didn't hear that.

>> the previous winner had unkind words for her. awkward moment.

>> next is justin bieber. and getting a lot of searches normally but over the weekend you saw a big spike because of a movie coming out.

>> he was a busy man. he did go to instagram and post this photo of a script with his name water mark add cross the front. there were lots of rumors that he was auditioning for the movie. we can see that he did tweet earlier that he's doing a sketch. we're not sure if it was made for the movie.

>> this was the big mayweather fight in vegas.

>> him and lil wayne guided him to the ring for the big boxes match.

>> i love that lil wayne doesn't wear the shirt to the big match. solid move.

>> just show up like that.

>> you can do that.

>> saturday night live just announcing the new cast as of this morning.

>> as of 9:00 a.m . super exciting news. new casts taking the seats of bill hader and jason. really excited about this. everybody from the previous cast writers like tina faey all the way to the guy from the at&t commercial. he's good too. excited to see the new seat. and a new update weekend person.

>> we got to meet her in chicago. he's the girl at the party. always the annoying girl.

>> she's only been there for one season. to move into that seat. that makes people think she'll get seth's job some day.

>> tina fey took it. it's