TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

Yum! Bobby, Giada create passion fruit sangria

In honor of the shiny new Studio 1A, celebrity chefs Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis share some delicious cocktail party favorites, from a fruity sangria to a squash and apple crostini.

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>> oh. ignore the kale in my teeth. we're thrilled to be back inside studio 1 -a. we thought let's have a studio warming party. there's two people perfect for that. bobby flay and giada de laurentiis . what do you think?

>> it looks fantastic. it's very homey.

>> it's warm in here. it's beautiful.

>> thank you.

>> you brought us a house warming gift.

>> yeah, we have gifts for you guys. it's important we bring a few snacks.

>> they're individual. they're individually. so we'll start at the beginning here with kombucha for my man al.

>> he looks it.

>> it's good for you.

>> a little birdie , someone close to you told us you like sunflower seeds .

>> i am.

>> and beef jerky .

>> i put that in my bloody mary actually.

>> that's all savannah.

>> and you are the healthy one.

>> i thought a lot about somebody by the way.

>> this we thought was first and foremost for matt who is not here but you could all probably use some.

>> makes a cocktail out of that.

>> do you know who could make one? this man right here.

>> let's make a cocktail right now.

>> it's all about orange.

>> we'll make a passion fruit sangr sangria. white wine , oranges, apples, something nice and crisp. as they say a table wine so to speak. i put blackberries in there for tartness and color.

>> is there any other alcohol ever in a sangria?

>> yeah, there's brandy. it just enhances it.

>> can i see the brandy.

>> yes.

>> it's beautiful.

>> and then simple syrup and then --

>> drink it. go for it.

>> look, he's going for it.

>> okay.

>> we just stir this up and then we have some glasses for everyone.

>> wow.

>> pour it over a little bit of ice.

>> passion fruit juice you can buy anywhere.

>> it's a nice flavor.

>> it is.

>> cheers.

>> yummy.

>> good morning.

>> to our new studio.

>> from the cocktails --

>> let's get food.

>> we stuck with orange, obviously in honor of our new space here. so i like to do sort of a combo. i like to do fruit with some me meat. so we have cantaloupe here. takes two seconds to make and then they are filling but they feel like a male. take bread, slice it, get in the oven and then i roasted a butternut squash which i love.

>> i have been eating these all morning. they're amazing.

>> a little salt and pepper and then a little bit of brown butter . get the butter nice and dark.

>> is that slightly burnt butter.

>> it is.

>> so you have to be careful that it doesn't really burn.

>> it's just plain butter.

>> just butter melted in a pan.

>> yeah.

>> bobby, you can be my assistant.

>> okay.

>> come on al. come on.

>> is that apple --

>> apple puree. a little bit of ams in season right now, white wine , cider vinegar and brown sugar . cook it down for ten minutes.

>> we're out of time.

>> >> we are orange shrimp with mangos and red peppers .

>> thank you so much.

>> she has her chips over there.

>> i know.

>> don't touch my chips.