TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

‘Bone Season’ author: I was an ‘obsessive’ writer

Samantha Shannon, the 21-year old author of the New York Times best-seller “The Bone Season,” talks to TODAY about how she kept her focus on writing and the hurdles she surmounted to get her first book published.

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>> our first pick in the book club the bone season climbed into best selling lists including the new york times. i'll be moderating a google hang out with the author samantha shannon. good morning to you. welcome to the new set and new studio.

>> thank you.

>> it's been an incredible ride for you. you're on a number of best seller lists. how has this changed your life at 21 years old?

>> it's incredible and been really amazing. it's so exciting and feels like a dream come true.

>> i love reading about your story. you're somebody that's kind of locked herself away writing all the time, to the point where your mother was saying leave the house, get some sun.

>> yeah. i was a little bit of an obsessive writer in my younger years but try to control it a little bit more now.

>> what advice do you have for first time author who is are just trying to get that done?

>> i think the most important thing is to always take constructive criticism and to not give up at the first hurdle because hi to write a whole novel before this novel got published. sometimes it doesn't work but just try again.

>> you got rejected a number of times before they finally printed your book. now in honor of our book club we have been asking every week a question for the book. i understand you're going to do that again for us this morning so we can get everybody thinking.