TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

Whoops! Savannah gets green goop stuck in teeth

“Million Second Quiz” host Ryan Seacrest stopped by the newly renovated Studio 1A to with a welcoming gift of kale smoothies for the anchors. Unfortunately, Savannah got some kale stuck in her teeth; good thing Al was there to help.

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>> guess who decided to drop by on our first morning in the new studio 1 -a.

>> who.

>> ryan seacrest , is that you behind door number one.

>> here i am with a little gift.

>> a blender.

>> this is a blender so you can make your healthy green shake every morning.

>> wow.

>> a seacrest special?

>> yes.

>> first taste it and then tell me --

>> it's an acquired taste but it's the perfect thing to get you going.

>> it smells like grass.

>> it tastes like grass too.

>> you scraped the bottom of the lawn mower .

>> this is like a bag of grass.

>> there's pepper, there's ginger, there's lemon. it's such a healthy way to start your morning.

>> you drink this every morning.

>> it's really delicious ryan.

>> 7:02 every morning.

>> could you make like a chocolate smoothie?

>> you can make fun stuff too.

>> so 300,000 seconds left in the million second quiz; is that right?

>> just about. we have those folks that are going to make a lot of money. one has $300,000. if he stays he'll keep his earnings and on thursday night someone wins $2 million.

>> you like to say it's a test of knowledge and skill and endurance.

>> you have kale in your teeth.

>> what?

>> i can't see it. never mind just talk about what you're talking about.

>> knowledge, insurance --

>> this wouldn't happen with a banana smoothie . i'm just saying.

>> i wonder if natalie is going to tell her about that?

>> so, yes, knowledge, endurance.

>> how did it get in there.

>> i love the seacrest special.

>> you have to have some insurance.

>> you were saved.

>> you're hosting 11 nights in a row. how are you holding up.

>> i'm doing fine. this every three hours. it's great. we're outside -- we had rain the other day. we had to move inside to the garage to do the show.

>> ever get a nap in the sleeping pods.

>> i don't nap well.

>> thank you so much. you just have a little bit of kale.

>> no, not on the orange couch.

>> it's new.

>> we haven't stain mastered it yet. we'll catch up in a little bit. ryan, thank you for the present.

>> you're welcome.

>> you can catch the million second quiz tonight 8:00, 7:00 central time here on nbc.