TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

New Miss America responds to racist comments

Miss New York Nina Davuluri became Miss America Sunday night, the first Indian-American to win the crown. She responded to racist comments that erupted on Twitter after her victory.

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>>> trending on twitter, the newly crowned miss america takes on her critics. nina davuluri is the first contestant of indian heritage to win the crown. the 24-year-old miss new york had a few minutes to celebrate and then a racist backlash popped up on social media . she responded i have to ride above that, she said. i always viewed myself as first and foremost american. carson, you have been seeing the comments online too.

>> it's true. there have been 705 tweets actually referencing miss america terrorists.

>> horrible.

>> of the 705 -- but there is a dialogue happening online right now about that. there's a lot of ignorance out there as one could imagine.

>> so many tweets in support of her vastly out number that i hope.

>> born in syracuse.

>> yeah, ironically vanessa williams became the first black miss america that was first social media .

>> she was miss syracuse and miss new york and miss america and so is nina.

>> we wish her the best. congratulations to her. she'll be a great representation.