TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

‘Superfan’ connects with TODAY via new Orange Room

One of the beauties of the new Orange Room is that viewers can connect to the TODAY anchors via Skype. Fan Albert Lorenzo joins the TODAY team from Shamblee, Ga., to ask a question about the new layout of Studio 1A.

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>>> we're back at 7:44. we're introducing you to the new studio 1 -a. we'll head to the orange room . the newest member of the "today" show family is in the orange room .

>> come on in everybody.

>> hey, carson.

>> come on in.

>> thank you.

>> come on in. this room, the orange room has a lot of different capacities. when we're on the broadcast we can hopefully add to the stories you guys are doing over there. we're also a fully functioning digital space where our content will live at but really the main point of the room is to break the wall down and connect with our viewers at home. a good example of that is via skype, we have albert lorenzo. he is in georgia and wakes up every morning with the "today" show. he is a big fan .

>> hey, albert .

>> good morning.

>> good first name.

>> hey, albert . well, i got the gang here in the orange room . first, tell us since you're a big fan of the show, what do you think of the new set?

>> i love the new set. it looks great. a lot more like home.

>> he hated the old set by the way.

>> you did?

>> you weren't alone albert .

>> i already spilled coffee on the new desk. does that surprise you.

>> good deal. how about the new coach? it looks cool.

>> i have the whole gang here. do you have a question for us?

>> yeah it was curious about the new coach. it looks comfortable and big.

>> have you been on the new coach.

>> it's nice and firm.

>> it's been tested.

>> lots of pillows which you don't like.

>> but we can toss the pill loes.

>> do you have a lot of pillows on your coach.

>> can we see your place.

>> it's brand new. i haven't set anything up here. i have a sofa area and nice kitchen going up.

>> that's a great top of your refrigerator. it looks fantastic.

>> do you know what's a great color for that wall behind you? orange.

>> that's the shot of alabama bermuda. what is he hiding in there?

>> nice to meet you.

>> good luck.

>> tell your friends.

>> i will.

>> best of luck to you. that's the kind of thing we can do.

>> that's fun.

>> our living room right into