TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

Teen couple swept away, killed in Colo. flooding

Two of the confirmed victims of the massive flooding in Colorado were 19-year old couple Wesley Quinlan and Wiyanna Nelson. After their car was stopped by massive flooding, Wiyanna was swept away by the waters. In an incredible act of faith, Wesley jumped in to the turbulent waters after her. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> with the devastating floods here in colorado and an emotional story of sacrifice and survival. joe friar has the details on that. joe, good morning.

>> good morning, matt. from a flooded yard where the waters are continuing to rise, this flooding responsible for at least five deaths. two of those victims were actually boyfriend and girlfriend. both of them 19 years old with a love story friends and family will never forget.

>> i'm sosorry.

>> reporter: this is not how the parents wanted to meet.

>> you had a beautiful, beautiful girl .

>> they always thought it would be a wedding for the two teens described as the perfect match.

>> reporter: she was looking to be loved by somebody, the soul mate love. wes was an only child always surrounded by friends.

>> they loved it all.

>> reporter: when trains hit, wes was driving this suburu with her and their good friends. suddenly water and mud washed down the narrow road until they couldn't drive any further. when they got out of the car, she was swept away.

>> i looked at wesley and he looked at me and he jump affidavit her. they were my best friends . i feel like i watched them die.

>> he pretty much died trying to save her.

>> reporter: both emily and nathan are grateful to be alive and organized a candle light ri vigil to pay tribute to their lost friends. emily even tattooed two ws on her ankle.

>> i'm just thankful that she did have somebody who was brave enough to try to save her and loved her that much.

>> and wes dreamed of making movies . in fact, he was about to start attending colorado film school and both of them loved making music and friends hope at some point to release some of their work so everyone knows their talent, matt.