TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

Washington Redskins’ name spurs nationwide debate

TODAY’s Carson Daly traces the progression of the growing debate over whether the name of the Washington Redskins football team is a slur against Native Americans and should be changed.

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>> one of the things we're most excited about is the orange room . this is a direct link to the digital side of the show and the man that will bring us to that every day is carson daly . good morning to you.

>> i'm stretching and getting ready. come on in anybody.

>> can we come to the orange room ?

>> no, you can do that later. i have work to do right now.

>> not so fast.

>> we'll have you in here in a little bit. the idea of the orange room is to be a real place where we can connect with you at home. this is also a room that's equipped to monitor social media and digital traction of any story live. let me give you an example. this week we saw the controversy over the use of the name of the washington redskins light up. there was a chain of events that lead to that. come into the orange room . coffee over here and staff working. several things happened this week that put this story on our radar. it started earlier in the week when some journalists refused to write using the name redskins. sports illustrated , usa today and others and then you have the washington post itself denounce the name writing the team's name is a racial slur of native americans so offensive that it should no longer be tolerated. then the nfl commissioner himself who three months ago defended the use of a name and went on a d.c. radio station and took a different stance. take a listen to this.

>> if we are offending one person we need to be listening and making sure we're doing the right things to try to address that.

>> and finally yesterday before the start of the redskins packers game, members of many tribes showed up and had a protest despite the bad weather and that got a lot of attention. but all of these sequence of events, do they show any real impact? you can see some of the footage of the protest. you can see the spike in interest over the use of the name washington redskins and we can also tell you geographically where this raise in interest comes from in the country. arizona has a large native american contingency, wisconsin, new york a mar joe media market and then the home of the team. we also wanted to foe what you thought of the use of the team's name and we found out this, 60% of you said no you don't think you should change their name. 40% of you said yes. that's another number we'll track and unfortunately they got their butts kicked yesterday 38-20 but this is the sort of thing we can do here in the orange room .