TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

US hopes UN weapons report will pressure Assad

American diplomats are hoping that today’s United Nations weapons report will increase pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to disclose the location of chemical weapons and expedite negotions. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> new developments on the crisis in syria. u.s. weapon's inspectors will reveal their findings today while in washington there's heated debate over the deal reached between the u.s. and russia . andrea mitchell is our chief foreign affairs correspondence. good morning.

>> good morning. he is counting on that report to further isolate president assad . meeting today with foreign ministers from france, great britain, turkey and saudi arabia .

>> if assad fails to comply with the terms of this frame work, make no mistake, we all agreed, and that includes russia , that there will be consequences.

>> reporter: the u.s. inspects today's u.n. weapon's report will increase pressure on assad . they found artillery shells at the site of the chemical attack that could only have come from the regime, not the rebels. kerry 's agreement with russia , the result of three days of around the clock talks in geneva is drawing fire from congressional critics at home.

>> i think it's a loser because i think it gave russia a position in the middle east they haven't had since 1970 .

>> reporter: the president defended his unlikely partnership with vladimir putin on abc.

>> this is not the cold war or a contest between the united states or russia .

>> reporter: the agreement requires syria to disclose it's stock pile by friday and that the u.n. destroys the weapons by mid 2014 . a very tough timetable to be enforced by the u.s. stopping in jerusalem sunday, kerry said the united states would still consider using force to get assad to apply.

>> the threat of force is real and all of those taking part need to united states that president obama and the united states are committed to achieve this goal.

>> but the he disagrees with kerry 's interpretation of how this would be enforced and the rebels feel betrayed because assad wouldn't be punish for the attacks that killed 1400 people.