TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

Colo. sheriff: Devastation ‘takes a toll’ on me

Larimer County, Colo. Sheriff Justin Smith got emotional during a press conference about the deadly flooding and told TODAY’s Matt Lauer that for him, the devastation in the small community “ is personal.”

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>> a portion of justin smith 's emotional news conference. hi the chance to speak with him as i arrived here last night. here's more of that.

>> i watched a little bit of the press conference today and i watched at times you struggle to contain your emotions. sit because of the devastation or because of the frustration.

>> it's the devastation, matt. is there frustration? sure there is. because you want everybody to be out all at once. we're still a small community. i know the voices on the radio and when i hear people i know on the radio trapd up there. it's personal. it takes a toll.

>> justin smith last night. the