TODAY   |  September 15, 2013

‘The Golden Sisters’ take on twerking

“We love to try all the new dances,” said one of the “Golden Sisters,” the trio of older siblings from the Oprah Winfrey Network who are always ready to dish out advice on just about anything. They also shared their experience of meeting the Kardashian clan. TODAY’s Lester Holt and Erica Hill interview the trio.

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>> back with us once again this morning. josie cavaluzzi, mary bartnicki and teresa dahlquist, good morning to you all. you're all close together, a, because you're sisters and you're freezing to death. a little chilly out here. what made you guys -- what inspired you to do a twerking video?

>> we -- they film us every wednesday doing something in the news.

>> in the nude?

>> in the news.

>> are you ladies doing naked news now?

>> we saw her twerking and we thought let's try it. we love to try the new dances even at our age.

>> who is the best twerker.

>> me.

>> she's skinnier, not much to move.

>> say that more loudly.

>> i'd love to be on " dancing with the stars ." i'd love that.

>> she would do great.

>> your first claim to fame, of course, was on the web. you were shot watching a kardashian video. you met khloe recently.

>> yes, we were at a restaurant at happy hour and in walked khloe. we got so excited. my girlfriend went and said do you want to see the golden girls . she said yes, she'd love the see them.

>> the three of you are her favorite sisters.

>> when she saw us, she said i've got to caught kim . i've got to call kim .

>> did she get kim on the phone.

>> yes. she got kim on the phone. guess what? guess who is here? who are your favorite sisters. oh, my god, the golden sisters. we were, are you kidding me? she knew us.

>> do you think you'll end up on the show?

>> then kris jenner and kourtney came in and said, will you be on our show? we were on the kris jenner show. the talk show .

>> fantastic. i know there's a little bit of tweeting that happens. you're the only tweeter.

>> yeah.

>> but plenty of people tweet you. some of our viewers wanted to tweet in questions for you. here is one we have via twitter, elena adams asks if you've ever not spoken to one another after a fight?

>> yes, of course.

>> definitely.

>> for a couple days, maybe even a couple weeks.

>> that long?

>> then we just call each other like nothing happened.

>> she's very stubborn. she likes holding a grudge.

>> i do not.

>> yes, she does.

>> okay, yes, i do.

>> has being in the public eye put a strain on your relationship?

>> no, close.

>> very close. to be famous at this age is -- i'm 82. this is like a finale. i could drop dead tomorrow.

>> we'd like it if you would keep it going a little longer. tomorrow is a little soon.

>> we plan to book you again soon, okay?

>> great.

>> really nice to have you here. thanks for braving the