TODAY   |  September 15, 2013

Jenna Wolfe, Stephanie Gosk introduce baby Harper

TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe stopped by the plaza with Harper, her three-week-old infant, and her partner, NBC’s Stephanie Gosk. “It is so much fun,” Gosk said. Harper slept through the visit, but that didn’t stop Wolfe’s co-anchors from swooning over the baby girl.

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look who stopped by. jenna. [ cheers and applause ]

>> the whole family. great to have you here.

>> and i think it's possible that she actually got cuter since we first met her.

>> this is harper.

>> we were going to do a nice little casual stroll-by. you do everything big and beautiful.

>> doesn't she deserve a big and beautiful welcome to the plaza.

>> look how nervous she is.

>> sleeping like a baby.

>> she's a really good baby. we got a really good one.

>> you lucked out.

>> she has really good parents.

>> well, there is something to be said for that. you guys look great. you've been beaming i think since the first picture i saw of you guy there is the hospital. lester and i visited you one day. you were beaming then.

>> we're having so much fun. people are saying you're going to lose sleep, you won't be able to go out. it doesn't matter. it is so much fun.

>> you lose sleep doing this job anyway.

>> that would be you.

>> lester and i really wanted to steal her. we thought that wouldn't be right.

>> notice the eye contact.

>> dylan stopped over. she's only three weeks old.

>> i can't believe it's only three weeks.

>> i want you to enjoy your time with her, we've missed you. it's nice you came by.

>> while i was pregnant i always thought i don't know how anyone can have more than one because of everything you go through. now i know why everyone has more than one kid.

>> okay. so when are we having the next baby. that's the first question you get.

>> maybe we autd to slow down a little.

>> as soon as you leave the hospital, they say when is the next one.

>> and then a look that would kill.

>> you guys are both missed around here. we're so thrilled. i love the fact that she has her own twitter account.

>> she has a blog.

>> yes, she sleeps through most of it but every once in a while she wakes up.

>> thank you so guys so much. you've been great. everyone that's been writing, it's been a wonderful bevy of well wishes.

>> i'll come over again and sing her some more motown.

>> or not. yes or no.

>> all i mow is she was fussing. and when i started singing "my girl."

>> real quick story. five seconds. lester bag bragged he was going to sing "my girl." came up with my girl and la, la, la, the rest of the song.

>> something about cloudy on a rainy day .

>> she loved it.

>> thank you so much.

>> that's about the extent of what she does.

>> saving it up for tonight.

>> yes.

>> you two take care. we'll see you soon.