TODAY   |  September 14, 2013

In Boulder, nearly a year’s worth of rain in one week

Intense flooding and rain in Colorado has caused 75 percent of a year’s worth of rain in just one week, with flash flood watches in effect. The region could continue to experience more rain over the weekend, with heavy showers possible for Sunday. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> dylan dreyer is also in boulder this morning with more on what is next for the region and a remarkable story of survival. a man who was trapped inside of his car for hours after it was stuck upside down in those raging waters . you can see that picture there. dylan joins us now with more. good morning, dylan .

>> reporter: good morning, erica. it happened thursday morning. two hours, he was trapped in his car under water. but now he lives to tell about his horrific story. after crews made this dramatic rescue in colorado this week, they had no idea there was one more person trapped below these raging floodwaters. a man was pinned in his car, which had been submerged from more than two hours on thursday morning. remarkably, he is okay, and now sharing his story with his family by his side.

>> the car was going forward so when it stayed right there, the water coming up.

>> reporter: as the water rushed into his car, rory ortiz was left with a small space of room to breathe .

>> all in my head. can feel right there in that space. so i had a way, i had to pray.

>> reporter: firefighters who reconnected with ortiz at the hospital were stunned.

>> for him to be able to find that one air pocket inside the car was amazing. and to be able to -- the air to last that long is nothing short of a miracle.

>> reporter: a remarkable story of survival that ortiz , himself, prayed for.

>> i just say, thanks, god. i was singing to glory for god, my god.

>> reporter: truly an incredible story. right now, i am standing along the banks of boulder creek which, right now, is below flood stage . it did crest at nearly major flood stage early friday morning, but it has been receding ever since. keep in mind boulder, colorado has picked up 14.7 inches of rainfall since monday evening. that is almost 75% of its total yearly rainfall picked up in less than just one week. so with the ground saturated, with still three rivers in the area at major flood stage , any additional rainfall is going to pose more problems. we have got this area of low pressure that will continue to stay in place. meaning moisture is coming in from the south and off and on heavy down pours are still possible. not so much this morning but later on this afternoon to the west of here in the mountains, so keep in mind, it does trickle down the mountains into the creeks and rivers in the foothills of those mountains. so we are still going to see the threat of some showers today. but a better chance of heavy rain tomorrow and perhaps another 2 to 3 inches of rainfall as we continue through the rest of the week end. erica.