TODAY   |  September 14, 2013

Taking the plunge? Man pops question at 10,000 feet

What seemed like a normal skydive jump turned into a proposal that Robin Pietschmann had been planning for months. He even passed the ring to his girlfriend during the fall. “I was like, please don't give me that right now...I so don't want you to drop it,” said his new fiancée Ashley Emory. TODAY’s Thomas Roberts reports.

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>>> more creative and we have shared a fair amount of these with you. this next one, though, really had our hearts wait for it, sara soaring.

>> a couple take the leap in the sky with the rest of the world waiting below.

>> a cool idea for people to get an idea if they want to propose like this, but it takes super planning because this couple that we are talking about really apologize looking for adrenaline rushes but this time around, the girlfriend had no idea that what she was diving into.

>> reporter: what seemed like a normally sky die dump for emily turned into a proposal at 10,000 feet.

>> i had no idea.

>> reporter: her boyfriend robert had been planning this moment for months.

>> i knew month one i knew if i was ever going to marry this girl i had to do it sky diving .

>> reporter: the solution creating his own custom made sleeves.

>> here is one. and then i grab the second one. i love you. will you. marry me?

>> as soon as he unzipped ashley and then i love you, i knew what was happening.

>> reporter: while free-fall proposals have been done in the past, robert wanted his to be different.

>> all of my friends said it's a great idea but i should not give her the real ring in a free-fall but i really wanted to give her the real ring in free-fall because i wanted it to be unique.

>> reporter: and exactly what he did.

>> she nodded yes, so i was happy.

>> as soon as he reaches for the ring, i'm like, no! i start freaking out and i'm just -- i was pretty much having a heart attack ! i don't want that thing to fall jam.

>> reporter: robin thought ahead tying the ring to a loop on his sleeve.

>> i'm like don't give me that right now. i don't want you to drop it. i didn't know the string was there.

>> a risky proposal that worked out like he wanted.

>> ashley was incredible. i love her so much and she is amazing.

>> i think that is more amazing.

>> reporter: now the couple is starting to plan a wedding but that will be held at a much lower altitude.

>> i want to wear a nice pretty dress. not my sky suit at a wedding.

>> reporter: a wedding on the ground after a high flying propos proposal. the two plan to get married next august. they could make a jump on their honeymoon.

>> redefining "taking the plunge."

>> the ground was rushing quickly there.

>> what about the master sleeves that he had made?

>> i'm really impressed.

>> you don't want to get that out of order!

>> and have them in order and the ring attached. he had so so planned out.