TODAY   |  September 14, 2013

Dog helps alert parents to abusive babysitter

Man’s best friend became a baby’s best friend after the family dog warned the child’s parents that there was something not quite right about the new babysitter they hired. NBC’s Charles Hadlock reports.

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>>> now a story of a rather unlikely hero. he can't speak. he can't really use his hands very well. but while one south carolina family never knew exactly what their dog was thinking or even what he was trying to tell them initially, they knew enough to trust his instincts when he took an unusual dislike to their babysitter. charles had dolock has their story.

>> reporter: even in one-year-old can't say it yet, he and his dog are best friends. when killian's behavior turned defense every time the babysitter came around, the parents became concerned.

>> hair stand up on his neck and he would stand in between us and the babysitter and gnarl and growl at her.

>> reporter: alexis kahn started babysitting for the family when he was he wasmonth-old. after five months on the job. why was the dog getting so upset when she was around?

>> at first we didn't know what to do? what is she doing that is causing our dog to feel this way towards her?

>> reporter: to find out the jordans placed an i pho, phone under the couch to figure out what was going on when they were gone. what they heard was sickening.

>> first the cussing and screaming and then the slap noises and as soon as we heard the slap, his cry changed from a distressed cry to an actual pain cry.

>> i felt fear because i didn't know how long this had been going on. i couldn't see anything so i couldn't see what she was doing.

>> reporter: they rushed fin to a hospital where he was checked out okay. the jordan's turned the recording over to police who arrested kahn. this week, she pleaded guilty to assault and battery charges and is facing up to three years in prison.

>> good boy. give him a kiss.

>> reporter: the two are still inacceptable for "today," charles hadlock, nbc