TODAY   |  September 14, 2013

Michigan family welcomes quintuplets

After fertility treatments, Jessica Hicks of Ann Arbor, Mich., gave birth to five babies at once. All babies, and mom, are healthy and doing well. “Mom is my new hero,” said TODAY’s Erica Hill. TODAY’s Thomas Roberts reports.

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>>> this one. because michigan family welcomed its new fab five and take a peek. jessica and robert hicks will have a full house with their new quintuplets. they say they went through treatment to round out their family. every time jessica went for an you will extra sound -- ultrasound, there were was another baby. a cool list of names here. emmitt, riker, carol, parker, and nicole.

>> great names.

>> great names. i know carol i did some background. carol is for one of the grandfathe grandmothers. every time she went for an ultrasound, hey, awe new baby.

>> they looked for five babies. they look big and they look great. so congratulations.

>> so does mom for carrying five babies!

>> mom is my hero.